Kountry Boys sausage & Meats


smoked sausage

There's nothing like the flavor of Kountry Boys Smoked Sausage. Our traditional family recipe used lean cuts of meat and the freshest herbs and spices.  Smoked with hickory wood, our smoked sausage is ready to eat and loaded with a bold, gourmet flavor.  No MSG. Gluten Free. No Soy Fillers. No Artificial Colors.  Just traditional smoked sausage at its finest.


dry sausage

Our dry sausage is the perfect protein filled snack. Made with the same great tasting family recipes as our smoked sausage, Kountry Boys dry sausage is great a snack while watching your favorite TV show or as while enjoying the outdoors. No MSG. Gluten Free. No Soy Fillers. No Artificial Colors.



Boudin (pronounced "boo-dan") is a pork meat and rice stuffed sausage, seasoned with various herbs and spices.  It is one of the iconic foods that Louisiana is known for and surely has a huge following.  Our Cajun Style Boudin is made from the finest ingredients, following our traditional cajun recipe. Try it grilled, barbecued or boiled for an authentic taste experience.



There is nothing better than having a thick sliced of Kountry Boys Bacon for breakfast. Our thick sliced bacon is cured and smoked with hickory to give our bacon that traditional flavor that folks remember from their childhood.  We only use the highest quality pork bellies, No MSG or Artificial flavors or colors.